AI + Food

Artificial Intelligence has already begun to revolutionize many extant industries, from sports to design to law to politics. Included in this list of industries is the food industry. With machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool to improve the production, health, safety, and sustainability of growing and distributing food.

AI and Food Production

Food production is not only necessary for human survival, but also comprises a major portion of the global economy. Even minor improvements to the production of food can compound into major economic impacts. Through the use of AI-based systems, farmers have the potential to manage a variety of systems necessary for food growth with increased efficiency. For example, AI-based systems can alert farmers when crops are in need of water or pesticides, or when their animals are sick. AI can tell farmers how many plants they will need and how many employees they will need at each plant. AI may even contribute to the development of new flavors. By using this technology, companies will be able to analyze popular flavor profiles and trends in the food industry much faster, meaning a more diverse assortment of products on the market.

AI and the Supply Chain

The intersection between AI and food spans from growing and producing the food all the way to shipping and distributing the food. Sorting, grading, and inspecting are three steps in the supply chain which have become easier, costlier, and more efficient thanks to the improvements in machine learning technology. Additionally, maintenance will become easier thanks to machine learning technology. Predictive maintenance and predictive analytics will be able to address any equipment failures. Scheduling optimization will reduce the frequency of said failures.

Learning AI+ with Envision Learn

The food industry is not the only industry undergoing revolutionary change thanks to the advent of AI. This summer, Envision Learn is offering virtual learning courses focused on exploring the intersection between AI and a wide array of other topics such as sports, design, history, business, and more. Our virtual summer camp will include live instruction as well as hands-on coding activities in order to provide a deep learning experience. Registration is open now.

“How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is
Used to Understand Language”

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Used to Understand Language”. 


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