The Importance of a Coding Education

Learning coding languages is not a new invention, it started in the 1940s. However, in today’s society learning coding skills is essential during early adulthood. Before the creation of computers, you could make a career without knowing anything about how technical software works. But, as the world moves towards more digitalization, it’s becoming harder to […]

AI in Literature and How We Write

Literature has provided a lens through which we can discuss the advent of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the world. Literature occupies an interesting place within the context of AI because at once literature both explores the scope of AI technology but also demonstrates its clear limitations. Origins of AI Representation in Literature Arguably, […]

The Effect of AI on Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the key drivers of innovation and growth in several industries. One of those industries is the Education sector. AI-actuated solutions are obtainable in the EdTech sector, yet, when it comes to implementation, the industry lags behind. However, the COVID pandemic changed everything. Virtual learning has now become a […]

AI + Food

Artificial Intelligence has already begun to revolutionize many extant industries, from sports to design to law to politics. Included in this list of industries is the food industry. With machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool to improve the production, health, safety, and sustainability of growing and distributing food. AI and Food […]

AI Trends at Top American Universities

As AI research develops and we become more familiar with the wide-reaching potential of AI & ML technology, top research universities have begun to further incorporate AI-based education into their curriculum, extracurricular offerings, and research initiatives. Top universities understand the imperative of adjusting to a world in which AI plays a major role in our […]

5 Reasons Students Should Learn About Artificial Intelligence

You may be surprised to learn that artificial intelligence constitutes a large portion of the education. Most recently, we’ve seen an upswing in machine-based learning due to a global pandemic forcing many classrooms to go online. What is artificial intelligence? In succinct terms, AI is the ability held by a computer to perform common, intelligent […]

“How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is
Used to Understand Language”

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Used to Understand Language”. 


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