How does Artificial Intelligence change the world?

Envision Learn presents AI+, a summer program that teaches high school students about the exciting ways Artificial Intelligence affects all corners of society.

Why Envision Learn?

Live discussions and immediate answers to burning questions
Endless possibilities to meet new people and make new friends
Online learning access all over the world
Competitive price point with scholarships available
Expert insights on real-world issues in the technology sector and beyond

Student Goals And Outcomes

Demonstrate Intellectual Vitality

Continue the journey of
lifelong learning

Become Critical Thinkers

Broaden your understanding of key issues in the technology world


Pursue your passion to improve society with the help of technology

Gain an Extensive

Connect with inquisitive peers and supportive mentors

Current Featured Speakers

We are very excited to invite industry and academic experts to speak on important topics related to the impact of technology on society. Learn about cybersecurity and privacy, artificial intelligence (AI) policy and ethics, entrepreneurship and leading a startup, developing health technology, and more. Cap it off with a panel about applying and preparing for college, and you’re set! We hope to see you there!


Here is our current lineup for the October 2021 sessions.

OCT 2-3

OCT 9-10

OCT 16-17

OCT 23-24

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is when computers and machines are used to complete tasks that display intelligence. It has many powerful applications ranging from detecting abnormalities in medical images to predicting online behaviors to even creating poetry or art.
But don’t forget to ask yourself: what is intelligence in the first place and how do we know that a computer has it!

Envision Learn AI+

AI+ encourages students to look beyond the norm by learning about how AI intersects with unique, unconventional, or unexpected fields!

10 live online sessions with instructors from top US universities (including Stanford & Berkeley)

Discover the diverse applications of AI in fields like sports, politics, music, business, and so much more!

Develop coding skills and learn the foundations of AI through live lectures, hands-on exercises, and real life case studies

Investigate the impact of AI on a fascinating topic of your choice

Interact with guest speakers and experts who use AI in interesting ways at work and beyond

Meet new people and make new friends!

About the Program

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Two Time Slots:

12.00pm ET to 3.00pm ET/9.00am PT to 12.00pm PT

“How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is
Used to Understand Language”

Envision Learn is hosting a FREE Session on 

September 26, 2021, 9:00-9:30am PT about 

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Used to Understand Language”. 


The talk will be given by Envision Learn’s Founder – a published researcher from Stanford University.