About the Program

Is AI+ for you?
  • In AI+, students will learn about the increasing uses of AI to solve problems across industries and communities. In two weeks, participants will understand how AI applies to sports, politics, music, and more! The program combines lectures (from instructors with AI degrees from top US universities) with hands-on coding and a final project where students can explore their own interests and develop skills that allow them to apply AI in new ways.
Are there any prerequisites for the program?
  • No! There is no prior coding experience required to be able to join the program.
How long does the program last?
  • The program runs for 10 half-day sessions over a two-week period (every weekday)
What are the dates and times of the program?
  • The program runs for 3 two-week periods over the summer.
  • Summer 2022 Dates:
    1. June 13 – 24
    2. July 18 – 29
    3. August 1 – 12
  • 9:00am to 12:00pm Pacific Time (PT)
What topics are covered during the program?
  • AI+ will explore how AI intersects with a variety of topics including sports, politics, music, business and more!
How does the final project work?
  • As part of the program, students will be guided through a final project that allows them to explore the applications of AI in a chosen field that is of interest to them (e.g. dance or food). They will have the option of presenting their findings to the rest of the cohort on the last day of class.

Registration and Payment

Who can participate in the program?
  • AI+ is open to High School students (Grades 9-12)
What is the program cost?
  • The program costs $975 USD.
What is the refund policy?
When does enrollment close?
  • There are limited slots for each two-week period, so enrollment closes when slots are filled.
How do I register?

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