Did you know that 45% of high school students admit to feeling stressed all the time?  

From feeling anxious about the future to dealing with challenging academic curriculums, high school can be a very tough experience for some children. Although stress is not the only factor contributing to poor academic performance, managing stress is necessary to excel in high school.

If your child is feeling overwhelmed about their classes, they might greatly benefit from getting extra help outside the traditional classroom setting. By hiring high school tutors, your child will feel more confident about the subjects they are studying and less stressed about their classwork.

Read on for the complete guide on where to find high school tutors and how to choose the best fit for your family.

Where to Find High School Tutors

Nowadays, a simple Google search can give you a vast list of possible high school tutoring options. Whether your child needs a high school math tutor, a science one, or a coding one, many professionals can make their learning experience much more manageable. 

During your search, you’ll likely come across the three most common ways to find high school tutors: 

1. Online Tutoring Services 

Online tutoring services are great for finding vetted tutors in your area. By looking up the subject, you’ll be able to scroll through dozens of profiles of potential tutors you can hire. 

A significant advantage of finding a tutor this way is that you’ll likely be able to read reviews. In addition, these services often offer flexible tutoring options, allowing you to choose from virtual to in-person help. 

2. Tutoring Chains

Similar to online services, there are many tutoring chains that operate nationally. These chains provide the service of vetted tutors in your area, making the entire process very convenient. 

3. Private Tutors

If you don’t love the idea of hiring a tutor from an online or in-person tutoring business, you might benefit from finding a tutor on your own. You might be able to find great private tutors at your local library, community college,  university, or on social media. Many times, you’ll find flyers or posts advertising private tutoring services. 

If you can’t find any, you might benefit from asking friends and family for recommendations.

Tips For Choosing a Tutor

Once you find a few candidates that you might want to hire, make sure to consider their: 

When hiring a tutor, you’ll want to ensure they are truly familiar with the subject they tutor. If you found a tutor through a company, look up reviews and testimonials. If you hire privately, ask them for references from past clients. 

Furthermore, you should choose a tutor that has availability that fits your child’s schedule. If your child prefers virtual tutoring sessions, you should also consider that. 

Finally, you should consider your child’s learning style and find a tutor whose teaching style will work with your child’s needs.  

Give Your Children an Academic Edge

High school tutors can make your child’s learning experience much less overwhelming. And as you now know, finding one is not as hard as you might’ve thought! Whether you hire someone from an online or in-person tutoring chain or find a private tutor, these professionals can significantly improve your child’s learning experience. 

Are you looking for more ways to help your children succeed academically? Contact us today to learn more about our Envision Learn programs.

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